Moscow Exchange reports trading volumes for January 2020

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The Russian market operator Moscow Exchange Group (MOEX) announced RUB 57.9 trillion market turnover for January 2020 (RUB 58.9 trillion for previous year).

Equity markets have registered the most growth with 102.9%, followed by bond market with 42.8% and derivatives market of 27.4 %.

Equity & Bonds Market

The total turnover for equity and bonds markets reached RUB 3,405.8 billion (RUB 2,074.1 billion for the previous year), rising by 64.2%.

In shares, RDRs and investment fund units marked 102.9% growth with RUB 1,499.5 billion (RUB 738.9 billion for the previous year), while ADTV reached RUB 75.0 billion (RUB 36.9 billion for the previous year).

Regional and sovereign bonds reached RUB 1,906.4 billion (RUB 1,335.1 for the previous year) with 42.8% growth. ADTV was RUB 95.3 billion (RUB 66.8 billion for the previous year).

Fifty new bonds issues were placed in January 2020 with total value of RUB 1,492.0 billion (RUB 372.6 billion in overnight bonds).

Derivatives Market

RUB 7.5 trillion (RUB 5.9 trillion for the previous year) are attributed to derivatives and market volumes, marking a 27.4% growth. Futures contracts account for 121.1 million and options for 4.2 million. ADTV was RUB 373.7 billion (RUB 293.2 billion for the previous year).

Open interest at the end of the month amounted to RUB 704.1 billion (RUB 599.2 billion for the previous year).

FX Market

The total trading volume of the FX market was RUB 20.4 trillion (RUB 23.0 trillion for the previous year). Spot trades accounted for RUB 4.5 trillion and swap trades and forwards to RUB 15 trillion. ADTV amounted to RUB 1,022.5 billion (USD 16.5 bln ) in comparison to January the previous year when it was RUB 1,147.7 bln (USD 17.2 bln).

The turnover of EUR/RUB FX spot transactions grew by 21.2% to RUB 1.1 trillion.

Money Market

The trading volume for the money market grew with 3.1 %, reaching RUB 25.4 trillion (RUB 24.6 trillion for the previous year). ADTV was RUB 1,269.5 billion (RUB 1,231.0 billion for the previous year). In the complete turnover for Money Market, repo transaction volume cleared by the CCP amounted to RUB 15 trillion. The CCP-cleared GCC repo segment trading volume grew by 8.3% to RUB 3.2 trillion.

Commodity Market

The trading volume in precious metals (spot and swaps) amounted to RUB 2.1 billion (RUB 7.8 billion for the previous year), 2.0 billion (0.6 t) attributed to gold and RUB 64.9 million (1.8 t) to silver.

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