MOEX shows steady results in April’s volume report

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Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has earlier this week released its volume report for the month of April. Total trading volume across Moscow Exchange’s markets was RUB 73.8 trln in April 2019.

The growth leaders were bond (+24.3%), GCC repo (+22.2%), commodity derivatives (+18.4%) and CCP repo (+12.5%) markets.

The complete report as shown on Moscow Exchange’s website can be seen below:

Equity & Bond Market

  • Total trading volumes on the Equity and Bond Markets in April 2019 were RUB 3,163.2 bln (April 2018: RUB 3,135.4 bln), hereinafter exclusive of overnight bonds.
  • Turnover in shares, RDRs and investment fund units was RUB 904.5 bln (April 2018: RUB 1,317.8 bln). The average daily turnover was RUB 41.1 bln (April 2018: RUB 59.9 bln).
  • Turnover in corporate, regional and sovereign bonds increased by 24.3% to RUB 2,258.6 bln (April 2018: RUB 1,817.7 bln). The average daily trading volume (ADTV) was RUB 102.7 bln (April 2018: RUB 82.6 bln).
  • Eighty-eight new bond issues with a combined value of RUB 1,875.2 bln (of which overnight bonds accounted for RUB 492.7 bln) were placed in April 2019.

Derivatives Market

  • Derivatives Market volumes were RUB 6.3 trln (April 2018: RUB 8.2 trln) or 109.8 mln contracts (April 2018: 139.5 mln), of which 105.5 mln contracts were futures and 4.4 mln contracts were options. ADTV was RUB 286.8 bln (April 2018: RUB 373.7 bln).
  • Turnover of commodities derivatives grew by a remarkable 18.4% to RUB 1.9 trln.
  • Open interest at the end of the month reached RUB 553.8 bln (April 2018: RUB 663.6 bln).
  • Standartised OTC Derivatives Market turnover increased by 89.5% to RUB 42 bln.

FX Market

  • FX Market turnover was RUB 30.8 trln (April 2018: RUB 31.8 trln), with spot trades totaling RUB 5.9 trln and swap trades and forwards totaling RUB 24.9 trln.
  • The FX Market’s ADTV was RUB 1,400.9 bln (USD 21.7 bln), compared to RUB 1,446.2 bln (USD 23.9 bln) in April 2018.

Money Market

  • Money Market turnover was RUB 31.4 trln (April 2018: RUB 31.7 trln). ADTV was RUB 1,425.2 bln (April 2018: RUB 1,441.6 bln).
  • Notably, total repo transaction volume cleared by the CCP increased by 12.5% to RUB 24.1 trln, of which the CCP-cleared GCC repo segment was RUB 5.2 trln (growth of 22.2%).

Commodities Markets

  • Turnover in precious metals (spot and swaps) was RUB 3.0 bln (April 2018: RUB 7.3 bln), of which RUB 3.0 bln (1.1t) was gold and RUB 1.7 mln (0.1t) was silver.
  • The total trading volume of agricultural products (grain and sugar) was RUB 8.4 bln (April 2018: RUB 3.1 bln). ADTV was RUB 382.6 mln (April 2018: RUB 139.8 mln).

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