MOEX reports record high fee and commission income from the Money Market in Q3

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Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has announced its financial results in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for Q3 2018. Record high fee and commission income (F&C) from the Money Market and Depositary and Settlement Services were key highlights in the quarter, while all markets delivered positive YoY F&C growth.

Unless stated otherwise, all figures below refer to performance in Q3 2018 and all comparisons are with the corresponding period last year.


  • Fee and commission income was up 8.4% to RUB 5,917.6 mln on the back of strong performance of Derivatives, Equity and Money Markets.
  • Operating Expenses remained under control and increased by 6.1%, below the full-year guidance.
  • EBITDA reached RUB 7,138.1 mln, up 0.6%


  • MOEX continues to be the center for capital raising by Russian corporates, with over
  • RUB 1.70 trln in bond placements in 9M 2018. There were 153 bond issues by 86 corporates during the period.
  • The number of corporates with direct access to the FX and Money Markets exceeded 100 as of the end of the quarter.
  • The Unified Collateral Pool continued to gain traction with 36 market participants using the service at the end of Q3 2018.
  • MOEX reached a strategic partnership agreement with Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). MOEX will provide KASE its IT solutions for trading & clearing and acquire up to 20% in KASE.


  • Growth of the domestic retail segment continues, with over 2.4 mln registered private brokerage accounts and approximately 480,000 Individual Investment Accounts as of the beginning of November.
  • The Electronic OTC platform was launched in the Fixed Income Market to facilitate flow and transactions in less liquid instruments.
  • MOEX significantly expanded the product offering of its Derivatives Market by launching deliverable futures on gold, cash-settled futures on four LME non-ferrous metal price benchmarks (nickel, copper, aluminum and zinc), and USD/INR futures.
  • Fourteen commercial banks signed a memorandum of cooperation with MOEX to jointly develop a platform for private clients to choose and purchase on-line offerings of domestic financial institutions (banks, asset managers and insurance companies).
Alexander Afanasiev
Alexander Afanasiev, MOEX

Alexander Afanasiev, Chief Executive Officer of Moscow Exchange, said:

In the third quarter of 2018, fee and commission income increased across all markets, and the fees generated by the Money Market and Depository and Settlement Services set record highs. The Unified Collateral Pool project remains on track: client volumes are increasing and it’s clear that there is demand in the market for the new service. Increased trading by retail investors made an important contribution to volume growth and continues to represent a significant opportunity for our business. Finally, we are pleased to have concluded a strategic partnership agreement with KASE, which will bring our markets closer together.

Maxim Lapin Moscow Exchange
Maxim Lapin, Moscow Exchange

Maxim Lapin, Chief Financial Officer of Moscow Exchange, added:

Moscow Exchange’s fee and commission income continued to advance during the third quarter, largely on the back of higher fees from the Money Market, Derivatives Market and FX Market. We observed some stabilization in net interest income on a quarter-on-quarter basis. NII excluding the effect of the investment portfolio revaluation reached RUB 3.90 bln in Q3 2018. Operating expenses remained under control and grew by 6.1%, below the full-year guidance. Net of non-cash changes to amortization schedules, operating expenses added just 3.5%, in line with inflation. As a result, EBITDA was up 0.6% to RUB 7.14 bln.


RUB mlnQ3 2018Q3 2017YoYQ2 2018QoQ
Operating Income9,822.69,657.21.7%10,180.0-3.5%
  • Fee and commission income
  • Net interest and other finance income (NII)
NII less realized gains/losses on investment portfolio revaluation3,896.04,169.1-6.6%4,142.2-5.9%
  • Other operating income
Operating Expenses3,508.83,306.26.1%3,502.60.2%
  • Personnel expenses
  • D&A and IT maintenance
  • Professional services (driven by emerging   grain storage expenses)
  • Remaining administrative and other expenses
Profit before other operating expenses and tax6,313.86,351.0-0.6%6,677.4-5.4%
Other operating expenses (one-off provision)0.00.0NM873.5NM
Net Profit5,106.45,143.1-0.7%4,864.95.0%
Basic earnings per share. RUB2.272.29-1.0%2.165.0%
Net Profit5,106.45,143.1-0.7%4,864.95.0%
  • Other operating expenses (one-off provision)
  • Deferred taxes related to one-off provisions
  • Adjustment for the new D&A schedule and changes to IFRS 9
Adjusted Net Profit5,172.65,143.10.6%5,369.9-3.7%
  • Other operating expenses (one-off provision)
  • IFRS 9 allowance reversal
Adjusted EBITDA7,135.37,096.10.6%7,398.8-3.6%
Adjusted EBITDA margin72.6%73.5%-0.9 p.p.72.7%-0.1 p.p.
Operating Expenses net of non-cash changes in amortization schedules of 20183,423.23,306.23.5%3,417.80.2%


RUB mlnQ3 2018Q3 2017YoYQ2 2018QoQ
Equities Market
Fee and commission income, RUB mln466.0408.514.1%516.1-9.7%
Trading volumes, RUB bln2,588.72,290.313.0%2,888.7-10.4%
Bond Market
Fee and commission income, RUB mln507.5494.82.6%551.3-7.9%
Trading volumes (ex. overnights), RUB bln5,155.14,245.121.4%5,266.6-2.1%
FX Market
Fee and commission income, RUB mln1,030.0959.87.3%1,044.5-1.4%
Trading volumes, RUB bln91,035.483,689.48.8%90,379.00.7%
Money Market
Fee and commission income, RUB mln1,639.71,560.15.1%1,561.65.0%
Trading volumes, RUB bln96,245.7114,947.3-16.3%91,694.75.0%
Derivatives Market
Fee and commission income, RUB mln564.8494.514.2%612.8-7.8%
Trading volumes, RUB bln22,087.321,663.12.0%21,839.91.1%
Depository and Settlement Services
Fee and commission income, RUB mln1,120.31,083.43.4%1,099.11.9%
Average assets under custody, RUB bln43,574.137,268.716.9%42,544.72.4%
Other fee and commission income (IT Services and Listing)
Information services, RUB mln199.2179.511.0%189.55.1%
Sale of software and tech. services, RUB mln168.1158.75.9%175.6-4.3%
Listing and other services, RUB mln76.988.1-12.7%80.3-4.2%
Other fee income, RUB mln145.131.1366.6%96.450.5%
Net interest and other finance income
Net interest and other finance income, RUB mln3,893.24,185.1-7.0%4,110.7-5.3%
Investment portfolio, RUB bln627.9695.6-9.7%731.6-14.2%

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MOEX reports record high fee and commission income from the Money Market in Q3


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