LSE Millennium Exchange release 9.2 Oslo Børs trading system

Millennium Exchange announced that has released its new version of Oslo Børs’ trading system.

Application certification is required for all software applications before they can be used towards Oslo Børs’ trading system. The purpose is to ensure that new software applications accessing the trading system does not pose threats to the normal operation and stability of the system. Functional verification of software applications is beyond the scope of such certification process.

Certification is required for new software not previously connected to Oslo Børs production system, internal upgrades to previously approved software and for all software used when mandatory upgrades to Oslo Børs trading system are implemented.

Oslo Børs implements changes to the prevailing certification policies. The policy changes apply as of 1 June 2017 for all new software to be connected to Oslo Børs, and as of the implementation of Millennium release 9.2 for existing clients /software.

The main changes to the certification policy are:

  • Members are obliged to confirm all software certifications to Oslo Børs themselves, even though certification tests may have been carried out by an independent software provider. We recommend members receive copies of approved certification reports from their software providers when necessary, which the member can submit to Oslo Børs, as documentation of the requirement.
  • Some previously mandatory tests requiring Oslo Børs’ participation, have been made optional. Clients are able to execute certification tests independently within Oslo Børs’ CDS environment, without scheduling a test with Oslo Børs technical team in advance. Coordinated tests where Oslo Børs technical team participates are still available, but need to be scheduled in advance.
  • Two new self-certification tests for order functionality has been added, in line with MiFID II requirements.

Software certification can be performed directly towards Oslo Børs, or towards LSE, Turquoise or BiT when testing can be carried out on the same Millennium Exchange version as in Oslo.

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