Euronext appoints Øivind Amundsen as CEO of Oslo Børs


Euronext announced yesterday that Øivind Amundsen was appointed as CEO of Oslo Børs VPS Holding and Oslo Børs. Amundsen’s nomination is approved by the Boards of Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA and Oslo Børs ASA.

Amundsen has been with Oslo Børs since 2010 as head of the legal department and Executive Vice President of Primary Markets. He became Head of Listing for Norway and International Listings at Euronext in 2019 when Oslo Børs joined the company. He also has experience in public equity capital transactions and executive positions prior to this work at the company.

Amundsen is a successor to Håvard S. Abrahamsen who stepped down as President and CEO and resigned from the Managing Board of Euronext N.V. The company has nominated Amundsen as a member of the Managing Board of Euronext N.V.

Håvard S. Abrahamsen commented:

Håvard S. Abrahamsen

I accepted the role of President & CEO of Oslo Børs VPS in early December 2018, before the acquisition process had begun. The role I now have is different from what I signed up for and expected, and this is the sole reason for my resignation. Since June 2019, I have been pleased and honoured to run the initial phase of the integration of Oslo Børs VPS within Euronext. I believe that Oslo Børs VPS joining Euronext offers great prospects for strengthening capital markets in Norway and in the Nordic region. I am confident that Øivind Amundsen, with his long experience at Oslo Børs, has all the skills and energy to take the growth ambitions of Oslo Børs to the next level. I wish him, Oslo Børs VPS and Euronext all the best going forward.

Stéphane Boujnah added:

We are very pleased to welcome Øivind Amundsen in the position of CEO of Oslo Børs to the Managing Board of Euronext. Under his leadership, building on his strong experience with capital markets in Norway, we shall continue focusing on delivering the best services to our clients. I would like to thank Håvard S. Abrahamsen for his contribution to the integration of Oslo Børs VPS in the Euronext Group.

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