HKEX Listing Committee censures Datang International Power Generation Co. Ltd

The Listing Committee of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX) just announced that has censured Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 991) for breaching Rules 14A.35, 14A.36, 14A.46 and 14A.49 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (and the corresponding provisions in the previous version of Chapter 14A of the Exchange Listing Rules in relation to breaches prior to 1 July 2014) for failing to comply with the reporting, announcement, circular and independent shareholders’ approval requirements in respect of certain connected transactions.

The Listing Committee has further censured Mr Cao Jing Shan, a former executive director (ED) of the Company for breaching his obligation under Declaration and Undertaking with regard to Directors of an Issuer incorporated in the People’s Republic of China given to the Exchange in the form set out in Appendix 5H to the Exchange Listing Rules (the “Undertaking”) to cooperate in any investigation conducted by the Exchange and/or the Listing Committee.

The Listing Committee has also criticised Mr Zhou Gang, a former ED of the Company and Mr Hu Sheng Mu, a former non-executive director (NED) of the Company for breaching their obligations under the Undertaking for failing to use their best endeavours to procure the Company’s compliance with the Chapter 14A Rules.

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