Eurex to expand Total Return Futures on STOXX indices

Eurex announced today that as a response to strong demand from market participants, it plans to expand the EURO STOXX 50 Total Return Futures.

The exchange plans to launch EURO STOXX Banks Index TRFs and EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index TRFs on 29 March.

Stephan Flaegel, Global Head of Indices and Benchmarks at Qontigo:

Stephan Flaegel, Qontigo

Stephan Flaegel
Source: LinkedIn

Our partnership with Eurex continues to provide investors with innovative access to equity returns. The EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index offers investors the ideal tool to efficiently track high-dividend-yielding companies across the 11 Eurozone countries, while the EURO STOXX Banks Index focuses on a clearly defined industry.


The additional STOXX TRFs are appealing to the banks because of their need to hedge their structured products with underlying equities. The advantage of Eurex’s Total Return Futures is that they synthetically replicate the returns of the underlying index equities without the need to own the shares.

Randolf Roth, Member of the Executive Board at Eurex:

Randolf Roth, Eurex

Randolf Roth
Source: LinkedIn

The shift towards a regulated exchange and centrally cleared environment plays a strategically important role for Eurex. With our innovative Total Return Futures, we have been the first mover in addressing this new business area which supports market participants to mitigate the challenges of UMR, the new margin rules for uncleared transactions.

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