Eurex and KRX to expand products on joint link

From 22nd March 2021, Eurex is set to list futures on the Korean benchmark index KOSPI 200, as Eurex and Korea Exchange announce that they are to expand the breadth of products available on their joint link. This expansion of accessible products reiterates the joint venture’s dedication to connecting markets on a worldwide scale.

Eurex works with customers, regulators and other key stakeholders to facilitate an effective and varied market, aiming to provide maximum benefits to its clients by delivering integrity and safety. A key selling point for Eurex is that it offers international investors access to the Korean market outside of standard Korean trading hours.


Since 2010 and 2016, respectively, overnight KOSPI 200 Options and Mini-KOSPI 200 Futures have been listed on Eurex. This expansion of the long-standing cooperation with further futures is strategically important for both Eurex and KRX. On a global scale, KOSPI 200 Options make up one of the four most heavily exchange-traded index contracts. Trading these options on just one platform raises hopes that there will be enhanced hedging of and exposure to the Korean derivatives market.

Sohn Byungdoo, Chairman and CEO of KRX, said:

This product line-up will allow market participants to access the Korean market almost around the clock. We believe the new offering will make the Korean derivatives market more attractive and further strengthen the decade-long partnership between KRX and Eurex.

In the same manner as existing Eurex KOSPI products, KOSPI 200 Futures are daily expiring contracts that result in an equivalent position at KRX before the KRX market opening. This means that Eurex KOSPI products are fully interchangeable with the corresponding contracts at KRX. Both partners are additionally working on the launch of a related FX product on the link.

Michael Peters, CEO of Eurex, said:

Michael Peters, Eurex

Michael Peters
Source: LinkedIn

With the new KOSPI 200 Futures, we will offer unique trading and hedging efficiencies to our clients. Market participants will benefit from operational but most importantly from margin efficiencies. Adding KOSPI 200 Futures to our link is therefore the logical next step in our successful partnership.

The KOSPI 200 Index consists of 200 blue-chip stocks listed on the KRX stock market and is a market capitalisation weighted index that represents the benchmark indicator of the Korean capital market.

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