CME Group reports a 25%YoY increase in July ADV

CME Group has today released its market statistics for July. It has shown positive growth in the majority of its metrics and the average daily volume has increased by 25% when compared to July 2020. The 25% growth between July 2021 and July 2020 is also the largest level of year on year growth for the company since March 2019 to March 2020.

The ADV in forex trading stood at 735,000 contracts in July 2021, representing an almost 3% decrease in demand compared to the same period last year. Compared to the previous month, the numbers decreased by almost 21%.

The month saw CME Group post a total ADV of 17.1 million contracts. Of the different metrics that were included, only FX trading saw a downturn with it decreasing in volume by 3% to 735,000 contracts. The top 3 largest metrics by volume were interest rates with 7.8 million contracts, equity index with 4.8 million contracts and options with 3.1 million contracts. 

CME Group

However, in terms of percentage growth there was a slight change in the top 3 metrics. Interest rates saw a 96% growth, options saw a 55% and energy – a 23%. Individual futures within the interest rates saw large increases which helped to create the overall high increase in ADV. SOFR futures specifically jumped 221%. Options also saw a similar phenomenon within the individual options, copper options rose 235% which helped to contribute to the 55% increase of the metric as a whole. 

Despite the strong showing on a year on year basis, CME Group actually saw a fall in month over month trading. The July 2021 ADV of 17.1 million contracts was almost 7% lower than the June 2021 figure of 18.3 million contracts. 

The month over month fall in ADV is mainly attributed to cyclical market impacts. CME Group has also shown growth in its crypto trading. Micro Bitcoin futures registered an ADV of 17,600 contracts. This equates to almost 1.5 million total contracts between May and July. As a new market for CME it has the potential for growth in the long term and could help to deliver month on month growth in the future.

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