CME Group reports 20.6% MoM growth with 16.4 million contracts in August

Derivatives marketplace CME Group released its monthly metrics for August.

The company reached average daily volume (ADV) of 16.4 million contracts for August with a 20.6% rise, compared to the previous month. The open interest at the end of August reached 101 million contracts, the same as July and June.

CME Group’s monthly metrics highlights from August include Equity index of 4.1 million contracts, down by 21.2% MoM and Interest Rate of 7.2 million contracts with an 80% surge MoM. Options ADV reached 2.1 million contracts with 5% increase and Energy ADV was 1.9 million contracts, down by 11.80% MoM.

CME Group

Agricultural ADV for the company was 1.4 million contracts. Foreign Exchange ADV registered 729,000 contracts and Metals ADV of 1 million contracts.

CME Group set a few records in August:

  • Record Metals ADV, up 15% from August 2019, including:
    • Record Silver futures ADV of 221,000 contracts, up 61% from August 2019
    • Record Micro Gold futures ADV of 194,000 contracts, up 380% from August 2019
    • Record Micro Silver futures ADV of 34,000 contracts, up 1,000% from August 2019
  • Record 3-Year Treasury Note futures trading volume of 13,401 contracts on August 31

Additional highlights from August include:

  • Micro E-mini Equity futures ADV grew 72% from August 2019
    • Options on Micro E-mini S&P500 and Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures launched August 31, trading a combined 1,815 contracts on day one
  • Natural Gas options ADV rose 53% from August 2019
  • Soybean futures ADV grew 23% from August 2019
  • SONIA futures ADV grew 22% from August 2019
  • Wheat futures ADV rose 20% from August 2019

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