Boerse Stuttgart’s 2019 turnover down 4% YoY

Boerse Stuttgart

Boerse Stuttgart has released its volumes report for the whole year 2019. Based on the order book statistics, turnover from all trading activities amounted to around EUR 68.5 billion last year – 3,7% less than in 2018.

Trading in equities generated turnover of around EUR 14.7 billion. German equities contributed around EUR 10.3 billion to this total and international equities around EUR 4.4 billion.

Based on turnover, the most heavily traded German DAX blue-chip shares were Wirecard, Allianz and Daimler. As for international equities, Amazon shares accounted for the biggest share of turnover, followed by Apple and Alibaba.

The trading volume in securitised derivatives trading amounted to EUR 29 billion. A turnover of around EUR 16 billion was recorded for leveraged products in 2019 – 16% down YoY due to lower volatility. Turnover from investment products came to EUR 13 billion.

Based on the order book statistics, exchange-traded products generated turnover of around EUR 12 billion – up 21% YoY. At over EUR 1.6 billion, turnover from trading in investment fund units showed an increase of around 15 percent compared with 2018.

Order-book turnover in bond trading was around EUR 11.3 billion. At around EUR 7.4 billion, corporate bonds accounted for the lion’s share of trading volume. Thus, Stuttgart remained Germany’s leading exchange for trading in corporate bonds. Based on turnover, the three most heavily traded corporate bonds in 2019 were issued by thyssenkrupp, Otto and Baywa.

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