At least 5% of SGX Mainboard IPOs to be set aside for retail investors

Singapore Exchange (SGX) announced that will mandate all Mainboard IPO companies to allocate to retail investors, at least 5%, or S$50 million, whichever is lower, of their offer size.

The introduction of the minimum IPO allocation is aimed at facilitating greater retail participation in Singapore’s equities market. The new rules on the minimum allocation are effective 2 May 2017.

Retail investors are important participants in the Singapore markets and giving them access to at least 5% of each Mainboard IPO will encourage more to consider equity investing. If market conditions permit, we encourage companies to make available more shares than the floor to retail investors,” said Chew Sutat, Executive Vice President and Head of Equities and Fixed Income, SGX.

Ensuring a minimum allocation to retail investors for every Mainboard IPO is a step in the right direction. This initiative provides individuals especially new-comers with more choice when considering ways to diversify their savings,” said David Gerald, CEO and President of the Securities Investors Association (Singapore).

SGX received formal feedback from 20 respondents via the public consultation which ended in March 2016. Informal engagements with stakeholders were also held to gather feedback.

We recognise that market forces are dynamic and will continue to monitor the public subscription trends of IPOs to ensure that the minimum allocation amounts are appropriate for the Singapore market,” Mr Chew said.

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