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The following article was written by Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker.

Artur Azizov B2Broker

Artur Azizov, B2Broker

White Label solutions are an ideal opportunity to start a brokerage business quickly, without significant costs. They also allow existing businesses to on-board the latest technologies to meet client demand.

The foreign exchange market generates vast daily trading volumes and continues to attract an inflow of market entrants. It therefore comes as no surprise that “starting a Forex brokerage” has become a frequently used Google search term by those looking to capitalise on the success of this lucrative industry.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty though, starting a brokerage business involves a great deal of planning, costly financial decisions and development costs, not to mention a host of legal procedures. This is why many companies choose White Label solutions. White Labels are where a brokerage business buys another company’s trading platform/s and software, as well as other services, as an easier and faster route to market, leaving them to focus on the running of their business.

White Labels have the additional benefit of a brokerage being able to customise their solution to make it look like it was produced by them.

Beat the Competition

Many existing brokers are also known to favour White Labels as in most cases, it is more cost-effective and efficient to buy, rather than develop, new software geared up at persuading existing clients to remain with the broker and for attracting new clients.

Forex, despite being a lucrative industry, also happens to be very competitive which means that brokers more than ever, have to be equipped to offer their clients cutting-edge technology, deep liquidity pools and products which cater to the constant changes in market conditions and the introduction of stricter regulations.

Costs for developing these kind of products can be extortionate and require a great deal of time and commitment in terms of specialised staff. Thus, it makes logical and financial sense to avoid the complexities involved by outsourcing to a specialist provider who can deliver any extra functionality demanded by their clients.

More Than Just a Brokerage Solution

Thanks to the benefits offered by White Labels, these solutions are not only sought by Forex brokerages, but by other players in the financial industry such as cryptocurrency brokers, prime brokers, prime of prime brokers, liquidity providers, hedge funds, banks and HFT & prop-traders.

It is evident that choosing a reliable technology provider is one of the best ways to ensure your business’s future success.

B2Broker has become one of the leading players in the market with a long list of clients who have chosen its comprehensive package which provides a solution for MT4 & MT5. Both new and existing brokerages can choose from a variety of options which include the following:

  • Branded MT4/MT5 trading platforms
  • Web-based MT4 platform
  • Mobile and tablet versions of the applications for MT4/MT5
  • Configuration of trade groups for your type of account
  • Configuration of trading instruments and commission for them
  • Single margin account for STP group accounts
  • MT managerial terminal accounts
  • Automatic advanced daily HTML report with all parameters configured to personal specifications
  • Forex, CFD and crypto liquidity with a wide variety of trade tools
  • Ready-made integrations: multi-level IB solution, single-level IB solution, PAMM/social trading platform, Trader’s room, payment gateway & cryptocurrency payment gateway
  • White Label service provided on our MT4/MT5 servers in Equinix NY$ (New York)
  • Management and maintenance of all equipment, infrastructure and software in data centers excluding 3rd parties
  • 24/7 technical support in 6 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian & Greek)

B2Broker does not use any extensions or non-licensed applications on its trading servers. All services work via the API, the interface providing high speed execution which is absolutely secure.

Our solution for MT4/MT5 also allows you to quickly build your customer database of professional traders who prefer high execution speed and advanced technologies in trading.

With our in-depth experience of the industry and client needs, we will ensure the successful operation of your business and enable you to offer your clients a wide range of financial instruments and trading, whilst gaining the competitive edge.

Combine your commitment with our expertise and we will deliver a solution directly to you so you can take advantage of the huge profit-potential in the foreign exchange market. Contact us at [email protected]

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