Caplin adds crypto to its multi-asset trading platform

Specialist provider of desktop and mobile e-trading technology, Caplin, has just announced that it has now added cryptocurrencies to its range of technology components for multi-asset trading.

Caplin’s platform combines features demanded by institutional traders such as volume ladders, watchlists, and Request For Quote or Request For Stream. It also utilises modern mobile multi-factor authentication, and monitors the market, proving real-time charts and notifications.

Institutional crypto trading is a new and constantly evolving market, with market leaders focused on providing cutting-edge and user-friendly platforms. However, clients are also anxious about the way the market will develop, and have asked for a platform that mimics elements of FX trading whilst capturing ‘crypto-specific’ features,” said John Ashworth, CEO of Caplin. “Our clients demand speed and flexibility in product development, which is possible because we combine agile processes with advanced technology and many years of financial markets experience. This allows us to accommodate specific client needs while remaining flexible, even in new markets.

Our technology platform is built to be easily adaptable to accommodate different assets. This resulted in crypto trading being added in only 90 days,” he concluded.

Caplin now supports the trading of FX, Equities, Futures, Fixed Income, Precious Metals, and most recently almost 35 crypto-assets.

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