BitMEX teams up with Tokeny to launch BMEX

Crypto exchange BitMEX revealed its partnership with leading tokenisation service provider Tokeny to help launch its anticipated BMEX token.

Tokeny’s technical expertise during the token’s development phase in 2021 helped the BitMEX team to ensure the smooth rollout of the token’s launch phase, set to be in early 2022.

BMEX is an ERC-20 token. Its maximum supply is 450 million with much of it meant as a reward for new and existing BitMEX users. BMEX will be used as incentive for participation within the growing BitMEX ecosystem. Token holders will be given trading discounts, enhanced yield on EARN products, early access to new products, etc.

Users will be able to earn as much BMEX as possible through participation in contests and giveaways for a limited time period.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, commented:

We chose to partner with Tokeny – one of the global leaders in the tokenisation technology space – to guide us in developing and issuing BMEX in the most secure way possible. Tokeny has a strong track record of working with major crypto players to streamline the token issuance process, and we’re glad to have brought them onboard to support the launch of BMEX.

Backed by Euronext, Tokeny has over $28 billion in tokenised assets through its solutions.

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, said:

We are pleased to work with BitMEX to launch its token, BMEX. In a short time period, we tested and successfully deployed the smart contracts thanks to the clear definition of token economics, the efficiency of the BitMEX team, and our in-house expertise.

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