Eightcap expands offering with over 250 crypto derivatives

CFD broker Eightcap has launched more than 250 cryptocurrency derivatives, allowing its clients to diversify their crypto portfolio via the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

In the official announcement, Eightcap noted that the company recognises the concerns retail clients have with crypto exchanges that reduce withdrawal limits because of regulatory issues. Eightcap has stepped in with a solution to this issue. Clients of the company will be able to buy or sell a wide range of crypto CFDs, including crypto-crosses and crypto indices, however, they will also have multiple funding options and be able to make quick withdrawals.

Eightcap expands offering with over 250 crypto derivatives

Joel Murphy, CEO, Eightcap, said:

Joel Murphy, Eightcap

Joel Murphy

Our vision at Eightcap is to provide a new home for Crypto derivative traders by providing an unparalleled offering that includes the largest crypto derivative library paired with ultra-low spreads and fast withdrawal options. The regulatory issues crypto exchanges such as Binance are facing means traders are left with unnecessary worries about their funds and if they can withdraw them. With us, Crypto derivative traders can have a seamless experience from the moment they open an account to when they want to withdraw their funds.

Marcus Fetherston, Director of Operations at Eightcap added:

The Eightcap offering focuses solely on creating regulated leveraged derivative trading opportunities for Cryptocurrency traders, that offers more security than traditional offshore exchange platforms. We are thrilled to provide a solution that meets the needs of crypto derivative traders so that they can gain the best possible trading experience.

Crypto derivative traders, currently working with other Crypto exchanges and brokers have access to a limited range of Crypto derivatives with wide spreads. Switching to Eightcap will allow them to choose from large crypto offering, experience tight spreads and deposit and withdraw with ease, with a regulated broker.


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