Equity for Punks, or bitcoin for beer

Equity for Punks, or bitcoin for beer

Bitcoin has been used for almost all kinds of online and offline transactions: from buying coffee and pizza to cars. Now, this brewery allows people to invest in the business through bitcoin.

BrewDog is a Scotland-based brewery that recently announced that it will extend its crowdfunding round in something called “Equity for Punks”. The round will be open up until April 2020, and BrewDog will accept bitcoin and different altcoins and in return will give shares to the investors.

The accepted cryptocurrencies for equity in BrewDog currently are: Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Augur, OmiseGo, Ripple, 0x, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

For the occasion, BrewDog even designed a one-off beer with the name Cryptonite. Every investor gets a case of six beers. In addition to the “free” beer, investors will be able to enjoy previews at any potential bar openings as well as official invitation to the annual meeting of BrewDog.

According to CCN and The Next Web, the Equity for Punks scheme allows investors to buy shares in BrewDog starting from $31. This amount can be bought with cryptocurrencies.

BrewDog is definitely “pro-crypto” and vouches for the disruption of the financial industry for the benefit of people. One of the company’s bars in London also accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

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