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June 07, 2021 BY Steffy Bogdanova

CoinShares lists three physically-backed crypto ETPs on Börse Xetra

The latest CoinShares Weekly Digital Asset Fund Flows Report from 1 June which tracks inflows and outflows across different crypto investment vehicles, found that the price volatility in crypto markets has been a catalyst for investment. A total of $74 million of net inflows were recorded, primarily led by Ethereum and altcoin products. Chief Executive…

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Litecoin is surging. Could the good times be back for Brokers in Crypto trading?
February 04, 2020 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Cryptomarkets Soar: Keep an eye on Litecoin (LTCUSD)

The following article was written by Alejandro Zambrano, Chief Market Strategist at ATFX UK. Cryptocurrency markets have enjoyed an excellent start to the year, and from the December low, the market value of the 5075 cryptocurrencies tracked by Coinmarketcap has risen from 166 billion dollars to 250 billion. Bitcoin, BTCUSD, makes up about 65% of…

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January 23, 2020 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Dukascopy adds Litecoin to its Live trading crypto offer

Dukascopy Bank is growing its crypto eco-system by adding new services. The bank’s clients can already fund trading accounts with Bitcoin, exchange Dukascoin, the bank’s own cryptocurrency, on the internal marketplace and trade CFDs on Bitcoin to US Dollar and Ethereum to US Dollar with leverage of up to 1:3. Dukascopy Bank was the first…

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Whale concentrations in BTC and Tether raising manipulation concerns
August 22, 2019 BY Mariela Naydenova

US Treasury blacklists Chinese crypto addresses under the Kingpin Designation Act

The US Treasury, or more specifically its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has recently blacklisted three Chinese residents and their respective crypto accounts. The reason? Smuggling of drugs and money laundering allegations. The three Chinese individuals are the following: Guanghua Zheng,  Xiaobing Yan and Fujing Zheng. All three of them are currently named as narcotics traffickers and…

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August 13, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

Bitcoin analysts debating impact of future “halving” event on 17 May 2020

Bitcoin analysts that populate Twitter take great pains in plotting every possible near-term movement that their beloved digital asset might traverse over the ensuing weeks, tapping into their favorite technical indicators and citing all manner of fundamental causes that will drive the price action. While the majority points to actions taken by Fidelity Investments, the…

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