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June 25, 2018 BY Mariela Naydenova

The Bahamas with new cryptocurrency

The government of the Bahamas has decided to launch their own digital coin to fight financial illiteracy and the low participation of the population in the banking system. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, K Peter Turnquest, the launch of a native digital coin is of special importance to many people living on the islands, because…

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May 24, 2018 BY Mariela Naydenova

Blockchain to be used...on the Moon

Blockchain has undoubtedly managed to "pave its way" to multiple industries. Just recently, IBM announced they will be investing in more than 1,500 jobs in blockchain, fintech and AI. The blockchain industry has exploded. Now, blockchain will be used on the Moon. As reported by IT Business, two organizations, For All Mankind and TODAQ Financial,…

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