Newedge Selects La Salle Technology’s FIX Technician CTS to Automate Testing

Electronic financial protocol technology company The LaSalle Technology Group, LLC yesterday announced that North American multi-asset brokerage and clearing house Newedge has selected the firm’s FIX Technician CTS to automate testing of its electronic trading environments. FIX Technician CTS fully automates the testing process by analyzing counterparty behavior and generating automated regression test plans.

According to The La Salle Technology Group, firms are constantly upgrading components of their trading environment in terms of infrastructure as an instrumental part of maintaining a competitive advantage. The company asserts that as a matter of course, firms use a manual approach when regression testing these upgrades. During this process, logs are compiled for clients and are used to create scripts of different cases that need to be tested. The tests are setup in a variety of tools to simulate activity, and the results are analyzed. When changes are made to the environment, the manual test scripts are re-run and analyzed again.

In order to complement Newedge’s innovative outlook, the brokerage is constantly exploring new ways to improve its processes. Regression testing is an important part of the upgrade process and Newedge knew CTS could make this process more efficient.

“Lasalletech has provided automated testing that is uniquely designed for each of our client’s trading requirements,” said Ryan Dunn, Director at Newedge. “After seeing the functionality of CTS, we agreed that it would benefit our next round of migrations. Not every customer sends us orders the same way – using CTS enables us to do individual testing for their specific trading environment.”

“Writing automated test scripts will not take into account the differences between clients, a log replayer will not inspect or validate messages” said Managing Partner at Lasalletech Jacob Northey. “CTS provides profiles of how each client behaves and builds test plans for each client individually. With minimal changes for each client, CTS can run by itself – freeing up resources to focus on core value add tasks.”

With this new approach to testing, Newedge continues to demonstrate their commitment to giving to its clients the best trading experience possible. Dunn added, “With CTS, our customers are assured we are thoroughly testing every aspect of their trading environment, and that we will continually innovate.”

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