Exclusive: Quantica Trader prepares for launch

Boutique algorithmic trading technology provider Quantica Trading is set to launch its new Quantica Trader system.

The company, headed by former Sungard senior exeutive Janice Robson, underwent a rebranding at the beginning of this year from its former name, Embium, in order to bring the corporate identity of the firm in line with its direction as a boutique algorithm development company with a broker neutral, multi-asset trading platform which enables the development, testing and global deployment of sophisticated algorithmic strategies.

Quantica Trader’s imminent launch reflects this line of thinking, and intends to provide algorithmic traders with the ability to design trading strategies using a drag and drop design tool. Additionally, traders will be able to run tests to establish how their strategies performed against historical and live market data.

The company held its second focus group on Thursday July 31 at 1.00pm EST, during which the company unveiled the Quantica Trader system pre-launch.

As far as full functionality is concerned, Quantica Trader’s algorithm development kit will facilitate the streamlining of the development and implementation of complex algorithmic strategies within the company’s existing Cloud Trader algorithm development kit. This developer-oriented toolkit enables algorithm development and deployment in a matter of weeks, days or hours.

A rapid algorithm creation tool is also included, involving re-usable, well-tested programmatic building blocks that can be assembled to create high performance algorithms. This solution enables developers to focus exclusively on strategy-specific code, drastically reducing time to market.

Backtesting and simulation of algorithmic functionality and a sandbox test environment are also key features which algorithm developers and traders consider essential.

LeapRate today spoke to Jamie Oschefski, Quantica Trading’s Head of Accounts and Strategic Partnerships, who explained that in March, Quantica Trading made the strategic decision to begin redesigning our server side institutional platform, Cloud Trader, to sit on a traders desktop and communicate directly through a combination of API and direct FIX as opposed to the company’s traditional buy-side client setup of being deployed in a collocated environment connect strictly via FIX.

Mr. Oschefski continued to explain that “after performing a technology gap analysis on the desktop automation software available for professional traders, we found that there is nothing on the market that is user friendly with a robust research and development environment (platforms typically need to give up one for the other). This new offering will be targeted towards both the inexperienced trader looking to break into automation, as well as the experienced trader looking to simply advance their automation capabilities.”

“Our new platform will have easy drag-n-drop strategy design tools with full back-testing and simulation environments. We’re looking to provide clients with the advanced toolset we’ve developed and deployed for high net worth traders and hedge funds at a competitive price point. Our expected release for this product is fall 2014” he concluded.

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