Blockchain to be used…on the Moon

Blockchain has undoubtedly managed to “pave its way” to multiple industries. Just recently, IBM announced they will be investing in more than 1,500 jobs in blockchain, fintech and AI. The blockchain industry has exploded.

Now, blockchain will be used on the Moon. As reported by IT Business, two organizations, For All Mankind and TODAQ Financial, are forming a partnership to make a map of the moon and record all human objects left on the moon. All of this will be accomplished through blockchain.

The Moon has fascinated generations of people and now, as technology progresses, the site has become even more interesting to people. According to press, human efforts to explore the Moon have left it with around 400,000 pounds of human artifacts, which is an extraordinary number.

The co-founder of For All Mankind, Michelle Hanlon, expressed her opinion that the Moon is a sort of technological hub for innovation, discoveries and progress.

The idea behind the ambitious project comes with the fact that to record the human artifacts left on the Moon means to actually have a better understanding of the Moon itself, to be able to protect it and explore it even further.

Another important thing Mrs. Hanlon mentioned is that the Moon is not protected by any law or rule, while historical sites and places of importance are.

On the other hand, TODAQ said that they will use their blockchain protocol TODA to build the registry titled “For All Moonkind Moon Register Powered by the TODA Protocol.” In essence, the design and architecture of the project will be accomplished by the company.

The CEO of TODAQ also expressed his positive outlook on what this blockchain initiative can bring to humanity, especially considering the fact that connection with the Moon has also been sought after. Now, with the help of a special blockchain protocol, this connection may get stronger.

As reported by IT Business:

“The two organizations cited several items on the moon that need to be protected and accounted for, including Apollo 11’s Tranquility Base, where the first human set foot on the Moon, as well as the sites in Mare Imbrium, where Luna 2, the first human object to reach another celestial body, impacted and later humanity’s first extraterrestrial remote-controlled robot rover, Lunokhod 1, explored freely.”


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