What’s next for Forex fintech provider NetDania? – LeapRate CEO Interview

Jonas Nielsen, CEO NetDania Markets

Jonas Nielsen, CEO
NetDania Markets

LeapRate met up with popular Danish based FX technology provider NetDania Markets CEO Jonas Nielsen this week to discuss what the company has been up to and all its latest offerings.

Jonas breaks down the evolution of the company from being a charting provider to a developer in the platform space. He also unveiled upcoming plans to add more brokers to NetDania’s platform and the launch of a new trading community which you can read about below:

LeapRate: Hi Jonas, thanks for joining us today, can you explain all segments of Netdania in a nutshell, the company is more than just trading and pricing platforms correct?

Jonas: Always a pleasure.

Yes. NetDania has evolved from being a provider of charting, to a trading platform provider. NetDania was founded in 1998 by our Group CEO, Stig Brylle, and we have made great progress since then.

Now we provide services that go beyond that. One example could be our cloud services that provide our users with the ability to write and execute complex algorithms or receive alerts.

Another example is our mobile application. It is probably the best lead generator in existence.

It is available to retail brokers for white labeling. It is the highest user rated FX trading app in the global app stores.

Besides direct white labeling, we also offer brokers to integrate with our NetDania-branded applications: Brokers can make available their trading venues inside NetDania Mobile and NetDania NetStation – for our users to access. This way the participating brokers gain exposure to our hundreds of thousands of users. Many of whom are actively looking for live trading opportunities.

This highlights the fact that while other tech companies may provide a platform, we also provide an existing community of users. It is about more than tech: NetDania solutions are all about users, community, and generating leads.



Users can trade with NetDania’s Supported Brokers in NetStation and NetDania Mobile.


  1. Brokers can become Supported Brokers with NetDania Markets.
  2. Brokers can white label NetDania applications, and deploy them in their own name.
  3. NetDania sale of software, feeds, charts, cloud services, and advertisement space.

LeapRate: We are very interested in the NetStation platform, what are the plans for this platform? Which brokers currently carry the platform?

Jonas: Shortly, several additional brokers will be added as Supported Brokers inside NetStation, and NetDania Mobile, in addition to the existing – FXCM, FCI Markets, Friedberg Direct and CFH Clearing. We will keep you posted.

In 2017, we will introduce NetDania Community integration in NetStation, trading from Microsoft Excel, back-testing, and new possibilities to build algorithms without any programming skills being required. As these services are cloud-based, they will be available from both NetStation and NetDania Mobile.

LeapRate: One of your strongest suits are your information and live data/pricing apps for mobile, are there plans to make these applications enabled for live trading?

Jonas: Yes. As a matter of fact, NetDania Mobile (iOS) (Android) already supports live trading with our Supported Brokers, for instance, FXCM, FCI Markets, Friedberg Direct and CFH Clearing. Before the new year, five new brokers will be added, and many other brokers wish to participate.

All a trader needs to do, is to download the app to his or her phone or tablet. Then click the Accounts tab, where accounts can be opened or added.

On the B2B side, we have several white labels of the app for trading, for instance, CFH Mobile, InterTrader Mobile, EFX ClearStation Mobile and more, with several in the making.

LeapRate: You recently added real-time stock data from India, are you keen to keep adding as many global exchanges as you can?

Jonas: Yes. In due time, we want to obtain global coverage.

LeapRate: NetDania Markets for Brokers offers a full suite of the NetStation Desktop and Mobile App for trading, how do you view the competitive trading platform space?

Jonas: On the retail side, it is still dominated by MetaTrader. Since that platform is tied up to a whole infrastructure, it is a challenge to replace it. On the institutional side and with brokers catering to more sophisticated traders, we have no issue selling our products. They are in high demand.

NetStation with Trading

NetStation with Trading

LeapRate: How does being regulated as an Investment Advisor under the Danish Financial Services Authority make an impact on NetDania? Do you have plans to become a direct broker perhaps?

Jonas: No. Right now we are happy in our role as investment advisors to professional clients, and technology providers to both businesses and retail. It is a lean setup.

LeapRate: Talk more about your B2B business for global banks and other institutional partnerships, where does Netdania see an opportunity with its unique technology and offering?

Jonas: We are very strong on the mobile side. There is a push to get on the mobile bandwagon, even for large institutions. While you as an institution may not be willing to offer mobile trading yet, a mobile app is still a great way to showcase your pricing, your instruments, and your brand. It is a great sales tool, even for conservative institutions.

LeapRate: What does 2017 have in store for the company, and anything you would like our readers to know about the company that they might not be aware of?

Jonas: In 2017, we will roll out a range of new services and launch a new financial portal, run by our latest venture NDF Media Group.  So there are many reasons to follow us, e.g. on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay tuned.

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