Varengoldbank FX Quote/Trade Dispute – new posting on LeapRate Broker Complaints

DATE: June 11th, 2014

BY: Winsor Hoang

BROKER: VarengoldbankFX

TOPIC: Quote/Trade Dispute

I am a registered Forex CTA in the US and I manage forex trading accounts with multiple brokers around the world. I am using the same trading algorithms to execute my trades. I have notice many times that my trades would get stop out at Varengoldbank; whereas, the similar trades are OK at FXCM, Swissquote, Alpari, Gallant and many others. I have contacted Varengold and they only show me a snap shot of the Currenex bid/ask but they would not tell me their LPs.

I have work with Varengoldbank for 4 years and I now have to terminate my relationship with them.

Winsor Hoang

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