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DATE: October 21st, 2014

BY: Evaldas Barcas

BROKER: 24xp

TOPIC: Customer Service

Since 1.5 months I can’t contact customer support in any way. Is it a scam? Does anybody know about this broker’s latest activity?

2 months ago I opened account with 24xp broker, they instantly gave me 50GBP no deposit bonus in real account to try it platform. I like it, made some nice balance with this “free” money. I sent them documents to get ready for future withdrawals, was ready to deposit my own funds, but at that same day my account has been blocked. And from that day, no contact with them. I wrote dozen mails and got no response (support @, info @, l.fishe r@ The funny thing is that 1 week after account opening i sent e-mail to [email protected] and got answered from larry fisher, its sales manager (l.fisher@ He told about what documents do i need to sent to it to allow later withdrawals. So after that I was sure, that everything is fine with it, they got license form 1 july, 2014. And till this day, I can’t connect to my account (document attached) and contact its customer support anyway. You don’t need long to look for evidence: customer support via live chat is often offline, and when it is online, can not connect anyway (all operators busy and after that leave a message appears, i tried to do all week and everyday), direct assistance tel. number is always switched off (try it!). Well, something is wrong with them, because website is active, but customer support is off. Nobody can answer me why my account has been blocked. Please, investigate it.

Thank You.


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