OptionMint withdrawal – new posting on LeapRate Broker Complaints

BY: Lois H Aring

BROKER: OptionMint

TOPIC: Withdrawal Complaint

I was duped into depositing $45,000 with this Toronto based options brokerage by one of the senior brokers, by the name of Chad Williams.

They are connected to a known internet scam artist in the USA. They are not real option brokers according to a local broker I spoke with. some one needs to shut them down, But not until I get my original investment back.

The $45,000 is a large percentage of our retirement. I was hoping to at least triple that amount, not lose it all. Somehow I will get it back, if enough agencies help. If there is any thing you can do, or even head me in the right direction, I would be forever grateful.

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  • John

    Wow!!! Looks like you’ve been scammed very nicely. The company has well protected its details and the the address, 2 Woodberry grove seems like a virtual office in the UK. The best you can do is perhaps speak to a lawyer and sue them not just for the money owed to you but as well as damages. Not sure how international laws work but you could alert the FCA regarding this as well.

    You might also want to check the terms & conditions. Saying you are scammed is too vague, more details the better. Also try posting this over at Forexpeacearmy if you haven’t already.

    This is one expensive lesson I must say. Hope you get your money back.

    • Daniel Worthon

      My name is Daniel W and I made a deep investigation about OptionMint operation ( off course after loosing money as a results of credit card fraud ) !! I hope the following information will be useful to anyone that thinking to engage or already unfortunately is engaging with these corrupted , scam-bags criminals !
      The first think people learn in OptionMint is to lie to clients !! Please read the following :
      1. The operation office is located in San Jose Costa Rica and NOT in Toronto ( Toronto is a FAKE location that never exists )
      2. In case you already deal with someone from the office , keep in mind that all the personal has a FAKE NAMES ( actually this is the first thing the office management provides to any new employee )
      3. NO ONE in the office has a brokerage license !! (they may want you to believe that they have ). The majority of the ” brokers ” are NON- legal workers in Costa Rica , having acceptable English vocabularies and getting paid 5$ per hour to lie and hold credit card numbers from people around the world ( again it may be that Costa Rica provides the operation with a shield against lawsuits )
      4. The second thing you learn in OptionMint is basically to avoid from clients to cash out there money !!… as well as and not only, how to get money from senior citizens , social security holders and poor – desperate people.
      5. For any more information that may help someone send to :

      • Ryan

        Daniel you are an x employee for OptionMint who was fired for embezzling money from clients and the company. Your currently run your own consultant company scamming people out of money. I’m not sure who your trying to fool, but the truth is Binary Options in General is gambling, and unless you have the money to blow just like Vegas don’t invest it. But to have a former worker try to bust out the company that fired him for stealing is just humor to me, then send your email to have people email you so you can scam them out of money….

      • Ryan

        BTW IT’S WARNING WARNING WARNING… learn to spell…

  • Smith

    Just forget about your funds… Ignorance is a bliss, but not for ignorant people. Take it as a lesson.

  • Lia

    I agree that it is not a real trading Company, my personal experience with OptionMint was very negative. After following the OptionMint manager’s instructions I lost $1200 instantly and do not believe that it was not a set-up with the purpose to just strip my money.

  • Ryan

    The issue at hand isn’t the company’s. The issue is the software’s, the signal systems that are losing your money. They don’t call themselves brokers, they call themselves senior market analyst. There’s no brokers in binary options or currency trading or option trading thats only stock trading. You have consultants to help with trades, and they do help with trades, but you all have to also understand, it’s still a form of gambling, anything that has to do with the stock market is gambling. So if you buy 45k in apple stock and it drops and you loose your money what you going to call the market a scam? it’s a risky investment that can pay off for some and loose money for others, So before you risk your funds that you can’t afford to loose, don’t risk what you can afford


OptionMint withdrawal – new posting on LeapRate Broker Complaints


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