U.S. broker Lightspeed Trading partners with TipRanks

New York and Chicago headquartered U.S. brokerage house Lightspeed Trading has just announced its added new research capabilities through a partnership with TipRanks.

Lightspeed Trading’s customers will now be able to access the complement of research tools that TipRanks provides all from within the Lightspeed Trader trading platform as well as the secure client reporting area.

This will enable all Lightspeed customers to generate trading ideas, perform research, and evaluate investment advice.

TipRanks is the first financial accountability engine to vet market predictions and recommendations. Providing traders real time access to financial industry experts’ advice, including thousands of bloggers, financial analysts, and industry insiders.

TipRanks then tracks and ranks actual performance against those recommendations. This provides powerful insight for active traders looking to cut through market chatter and make well-informed trading decisions.

Kevin Ott, Co-president of Lightspeed Trading said:

“We are excited that we now offer our customers the research and tracking capabilities of TipRanks to all our customers. The TipRanks partnership is just another way we are making it easy for our customers to navigate the markets for more informed trading.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder at TipRanks

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder at TipRanks

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of Tipranks commented:

As part of our current global expansion we are very proud to be working with the team at Lightspeed and their strong client base in delivering powerful and comprehensive interactive research tools and guidance to investors.

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