FXStreet set to launch brand new website – LeapRate Exclusive

LeapRate Exclusive… Spain headquartered FXStreet, one of the most popular sites for active Forex traders and market participants is getting a makeover.

The classic design which has been in existence for the better half of a decade (8 years now to be exact) will get a modernization as soon as next week, when the new beta site becomes fully active. Forex traders do sleep (or let’s hope they do!) but markets don’t and FXStreet since their founding has been on the bookmark list of many a Forex traders. FXStreet’s growth is a testament to the overall growth within the Forex trading sector over the past decade as trading shifted electronically and online brokers allowed anyone with an internet connection to enter the fast paced currency market.

The new design takes advantage of the changes in screen resolutions and mobile devices which has occurred over the past decade. However, while the design will change slightly with the goal of becoming more user friendly for all, the same steady flow of Forex market analysis will continue to fill the screens of all users of FXStreet.

Current FXStreet version, which is about to get some adjustments. Click for larger picture.

Current FXStreet version, which is about to get some adjustments.

So why change the website now?

Is it just a new user interface or something more?

For answers to these and other questions, read on as LeapRate this week spoke with Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet who shared with us the following:

LR: Why the new site design now? 

Carolina: The current website is the version we have had for the past 8 years – with minor changes and improvements in structure, navigation or design along the way of course. Our company has changed in the information we cover with more in-house analysis and editorial selection to cover the market, in the tools we provide which became available for Brokers and partners and in the way our visitors access the information. This design responds to the needs we had in all these areas, including offering more freedom for our editorial team on how to present content and providing a site 100% responsive from any device.

LR: When will it become live?

Carolina: We will be live with the Beta site fully updated starting next week. We will be receiving feedback and fixing small details as we go and hope to have it live 2 weeks later.

LR: Will FXStreet change its focus going forward, or this was purely UX related?

Carolina May, FXStreet

Carolina May, FXStreet

Carolina: It is related to many factors. We needed to adapt to the medium our users are accessing the information from, but also in how we cover the markets. We also needed to work on the tools we offer to other companies because this is a base from where we want to grow going forward. The new website allows us to create new sections and we can test tools and content to see what our audience is looking for.

LR: How has mobile devices impacted the company strategy?

Carolina: This traffic has been increasing over the past few years but traders were only able to use a small portion of all the info we have from mobile. We’ve worked hard to provide users the ability to access all tools and information from mobile phones and tablets. Our challenge now is to monetize this traffic to be able to continue providing the best information for traders.

LeapRate also spoke with Francesc Riverola, President of FXStreet who shared with us:

I am thrilled about the launch of our new site. We have been working on it since 2014 and it is around the corner. It responds to all our needs to give a better service to our growing mobile audience with a responsive site. In the current website, in order to please advertisers, we put the content too many clicks away from our visitors. We want to adjust this and integrate better the content we provide with the high quality providers and brokers that advertise through our website. Our goal now is to put everything half a click away. For this reason we are proposing a site that is very easy to navigate, extremely clean, with the use of a double-window structure that helps the readers find everything they need. We want to generate the best experience possible for the users, as this is something that is beneficial for everyone (FXStreet, its readers and its advertisers). I hope we will meet this goal… the feedback from beta users we have been receiving so far is more than encouraging!

To check out FXStreet, click here. For the new version of FXStreet, see the screenshots above and wait until next week….

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