Trigger Finance platform adds Forex, will integrate live trading this fall

New York based Trigger Finance, a company formed in 2015 with a unique offering to “inspire all investors to invest rationally through a simple rules-driven approach” provided a list of updates today which includes FX being made available. Trigger allows you to trigger trades based on events from Real-Time data through the most reputable sources.

Officially launching just over a month ago, the company lists some early achievements as follows: over $60M in assets have been linked to Trigger, and users are trigger-ing on over 5,000 different data points.

Rachel Mayer, Co-Founder and CEO of Trigger stated: “It’s been exciting to see the philosophy behind Trigger in action — that investing should be rules-based & driven by hard data, and not the emotions inherent to markets.”

New features:

Trading in Trigger

Today’s release takes the Trigger “IF this, THEN that” investing approach one step further.

When your market condition has been met and your trigger ‘fires’, you can now choose to send trade orders to your broker directly from Trigger. This helps you capitalize on both Trigger’s real-time data feeds and the convenience of a simple user interface. You’ll also be able to see the results of sticking to your strategy through simulated performance metrics.

Placing an order is an easy 2-step process, and afterwards you can keep tabs on the order status. Trading is supported on all nine brokerages that Trigger integrates with, including Fidelity, eTrade, and Scottrade, through a deep integration with New York based upstart company TradeIt, who enables live multi-broker trading on any app or website.

Foreign Exchange

The newest addition to the watchlist: currencies. Post-Brexit, many expressed interest with the company in monitoring and triggering on FX; today Trigger Finance added 25+ G10 and Emerging Market currency pairs and even Bitcoin. Users can now add them to their watchlist and subscribe to alerts on their real-time movements.

Trigger states in a release that it is working to integrate live forex trading this fall. No mention on any broker integrations as of yet.

And more to come

Per its statement, Trigger has received requests for even more types of triggers, ranging from technical indicators like MACD’s to Warren Buffet’s Twitter feed, and it willing to receive feedback from its users on which to implement next.

Check out the latest version of Trigger by clicking here.

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