Three Gain Capital executives sell further stock in the firm

Representing the second sale of shares over recent weeks for Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP) executives Samantha Roady, Jeffrey Scott and Diego Rotstein, the three executives have sold further units of Class A Common Stock in the company, as reported by a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday.

General Counsel and Secretary Diego Rotsztain has sold 3,443 shares at $9.6 per share, and a further 1,690 at $9.59 per share, providing a net gain of $98,553 in cash.

This follows a previous transaction this month in which Mr. Rotsztain exercised part of his stock options plan by purchasing 2,000 shares at $5.3 per share, and subsequently selling 10,343 units of common stock at $9.98 per share, resulting in a net gain of $92,723.

Mr. Rotsztain made a similar transaction just three days earlier in which he sold 2,555 units of Class A Common Stock in the firm at a price of $9.34 per share at a cash value of $23,874.

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Roady has made her second transaction within two weeks in selling a proportion of her company stock, this time 4,129 shares at $9.6 per share, realizing a cash value of $79,276.

Lastly, Jeffrey Scott, the firm’s COO converted 25,250 units of his options into Class A common stock, and then sold 32,125 units, netting him $5,205. This also follows a previous transaction this month in which Mr. Scott netted $48,700 from the sale of shares.

Following this transaction, Mr. Scott still holds 50,450 units of common stock, and has options which amount to 154,900 units of stock.

Having received a grant totaling  more than 131,000 shares in GAIN Capital approximately three months ago, which at the time were worth approximately $1.2 million, Ms. Roady has embarked on a series of transactions in relation to the shares.

After receiving the grant, Ms. Roady sold 42,000 of the shares on January 5 and 6, pocketing more than $380,000.

The 131,000 shares were received by Ms. Roady as a series of Restricted Stock Units between 2006 and 2009. The shares vested over a number of years – a practice common in companies which pay executive compensation in company equity – and were to be delivered to Roady as soon as practicable on or after December 31, 2014.

This is Ms Roady’s fifth sale of Gain Capital shares over the past few months, after an options exercise/sale in November and September, as well as a share sale in October. In total, Ms. Roady has pocketed about $667,000 from these sales.

Following her most recent transactions, Ms. Roady continues to hold approximately $2.2 million worth of shares in Gain Capital.

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