The alleged Satoshi Nakamoto who cannot access the $10 billion bitcoin fortune

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The mystery around Satoshi Nakamoto is ever growing. There is no confirmation on who he or she or they are, and several people have come to claim that they are the real creator of Bitcoin.

One of the most probable creators of Bitcoin is Craig Wright. According to a direct quote from Yahoo Finance:

Craig Wright, the leading proponent of Bitcoin SV who says he is the creator of Bitcoin, claimed in Florida federal court on Friday that he is unable to easily access the $10 billion bitcoin fortune or even produce the addresses at which the coins are stored.

The drama is real, as Mr. Wright is trying to defend himself in court against the estate of his ex-business partner Mr. Dave Kleiman, which actually claims that he stole “people’s currency” that belong to Kleiman.

Wright defended his position that Kleiman hid bitcoin that belonged to both of them. Kleiman did this to actually protect the identity of Wright, i.e. that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright commented that he confided in David as he was a close friend and a forensic expert. Wright even said that he  in fact wanted to erase everything he had to do with Bitcoin from the public record.

According to a blog post by Yahoo Finance, the estate of Kleiman is extremely motivated to return the bitcoin. Wright, on his end, said that his his family has “enough now” and the missing bitcoin would be “too much money. Following the death of Kleiman back in 2013, Mr. Wright forged documents in order to transfer the bitcoin the two owned jointly, according to the estate.

The value of the bitcoin they jointly own will be around $10 billion, which Mr. Wright currently has no access to.

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