Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Australia police raid home of supposed Bitcoin creator

For followers of bitcoin the name Satoshi Nakamoto is well known as the pseudonym of the mysterious person or group of people who authored the paper, protocol and software that gave rise to bitcoin. Now it looks like according the latest reports coming from Reuters Australian police have raided Sydney home of the possible bitcoin creator. Will this investigation uncovered initially by Wired magazine turn out to be true?

Australian Federal Police officers have been searching the home of probable creator of cryptocurrency bitcoin Craig Steven Wright in Sydney’s north shore today. The house is a rented home said by the landlord to have been supplemented with extra power setups and an elaborate computer system.

For those wondering Wired magazine had hours before the raid outed Wright as this likely real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and creator of the bitcoin technology and currency.

To check out the Wired magazine piece, click here.

Either Wright invented bitcoin, or he’s a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he did,” Wired said.

Pictured: Craig Steven Wright

Pictured: Craig Steven Wright

Highlights of the Reuters report:

– Wright’s registered businesses include, DeMorgan Ltd and Panopticrypt Pty Ltd.

– The owner of the house raided, Garry Hayres, told Reuters that Wright and his family had lived there for a year, and were due to move out on Dec. 22 to move to Britain.

– Newsweek in March of 2014 identified a Japanese-American called Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, but he was found not to be the author of the cryptocurrency.

– Australia’s major banks announced in September they were closing accounts of bitcoin companies, forcing at least 13 digital currency providers out of business in response to tougher rules on money laundering and terrorism financing.

– If Wright is indeed the bitcoin creator, he is also sitting on about 1 million bitcoins, worth more than $400 million at present exchange rates, according to bitcoin expert Sergio Demian Lerner.

– Australian Federal Police didn’t answer any Reuters questions and referred all inquiries about the raids to the Australian Tax Office.

Stay tuned to LeapRate regarding this important pivot point in the short history of bitcoin or will this turn out just like the Newsweek story and the creator will still remain unknown?

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