Spotware Systems upgrades cTrader with wealth of new features

Spotware Systems has announced a series of new features to its cTrader platform in order to assist with ergonomics as the firm continues to refine its product.

The company has added a number of ergonomic enhancements, the first of which is an adaptation of the user interface within the trading platform, enabling users to switch to a brightly colored theme using the ‘dark/bright’ switch within the cTrader Preferences menu.

Aside from this aesthetic upgrade, traders can now find a number of time frames, with m6, m7, m8, m9, m45, 2h, 3h, 6h, 8h, D2 and D3 having been added to the platform..

Perhaps a more practical evolution is that cTrader now saves trader workspaces in the cloud, in order that when a trader ogs in via a cTrader ID, the trader’s workspace will be automatically saved and restored upon login from any device, with no limit to the number of workspaces.

Furthermore, trade statistics such as “Max Drawdown” and “Profit Factor” have been added to the platform, and can be accessed by scrolling down the performance tab which is located withihn the TradeWatch functionality.

Traders can also now modify the volume of their pending orders (Limit and Stop Orders).

Competition within the retail FX platform sector has become a fast evolving and extremely competitive business, as MetaQuotes can no longer afford to rest on its laurels with stiff competition from Spotware Systems, tradable along with a series of in-house platforms which have gained industry ground recently. MetaQuotes has responded to the competitive onslaught by adding virtual hosting and increased signal capability within its latest build, however staving off the API-based firms vying for market share is no longer a simple task.

cTrader’s leaning toward the algorithmic trader gives it a distinct appeal toward professional users, with its cAlgo and cTDN developers network being a continual focus for the technology-led company.

In order to view the full description of new features, click here.

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