Darwinex launches new filter feature

Darwinex, an independent technology provider and an FCA regulated broker & asset manager, has just introduced a new filtering feature aimed at making screening and selection of trading strategies easier.

Below you can find a brief guide on how to set up the filtering parameters to make the choice of DARWINs more efficient and simple.

1. Choose risk level

Traders need to visit the DARWINs section and to choose what DARWINs they want to appear on their search (according to risk levels).

2. Define filter criteria

Next up, navigate to the left and click “Define Criteria” to start the filter set up. A window will pop up offering a set of filter criteria to choose from. Click “Apply” when done.


3. Set up min. & max. parameters

Next up one can easily set the parameters that DARWINs have to meet (e.g. a score higher than 7 in the Experience attribute, 5 in Consistency, 7 in Risk Management, etc.).

The filter will automatically update and show the DARWINs that meet these requirements.


4. Save the filter by clicking the green “Save” button.

Saving the filter is a good idea as one can use it in the future without having to reset search parameters every time.

Talking of novelties from Darwinex, let’s mention that the new filter feature is introduced shortly after Darwinex updated its set of widgets by adding six image-based widgets to the lineup. These are very practical to the degree that they enable users to avoid all of the issues related to javascript.

To view the original announcement by Darwinex, click here.

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