Tradable advances social trading with ChatBox

Forex platform Tradable is now richer in terms of social trading functionalities.

A new application, called ChatBox has been introduced to the users of the platform. It enables Tradable traders to get in touch with thousands of users of the platform around the world who are monitoring and trading the same markets. The ChatBox app allows traders to connect with others, exchange opinions and, most importantly, share trades.

To get ChatBox, a trader should simply enter the AppStore and to selechatboxct “Miscellaneous” in the “Categories” menu. When the app list ppears, one should click +ADD and the ChatBox will be added to their workspace.

Bear in mind, that by default the chat handle is a trader’s Tradable username. To change it, enter the following in the text field: /iam [and enter your preferred nickname].

We’ve already mentioned that trades can be shared via the new app. This can be done if one presses “Post my Positions” in the top left corner.

The launch of the new app comes in tune with one of the main pluses of Tradable – its ability to be customized according to users’ preferences. It is not a random occurrence that the platform is known for offering appified trading. Over the past months, the developer has courted traders via the launch of various layouts – from one for scalpers to one for part-time traders. Obviously, the company is now taking care of communicative traders…


To view the official announcement by Tradable, click here.

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Tradable advances social trading with ChatBox

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