Coinbase with new trading limit and instant trading feature

Coinbase is currently upgrading its platform and services to better suit users’ demands. Given the rising competition from “startups” such as Robinhood and CoinEx, Coinbase seems to be working on its business strategy and enhance features.

The first improvement that Coinbase has already implemented is increasing the daily cryptocurrency trading limit to $25,000 from a week to a day. This means that in a week time, any user can trade 7x$25,000, instead $25,000 for 7 days.

The change is implemented as response to some customers’ complaining that the platform requires a rather lengthy and inconvenient manner of trading. With the new feature, users are to experience a smoother trading and overall better experience when on their accounts on Coinbase.

Another improvement that the San-Francisco-based company implemented is to cancel all buy and sell limits, which were previously set due to the variety of regulatory issues and the different nature of the different digital coins. Now, this predicament is gone, and users can sell or buy as much as they want, once their funds have reached the digital wallet of Coinbase.

The third feature that is new for the company is the instant trading. Just two days ago, if a user wants to transact with their cryptocurrencies, they had to wait anything between 3 to 5 days for the funds to be processed. Now, this is gone and users can trade instantly without the previous wait.

However, the disadvantage here is that it is the US users who will be able to try the new features for now.


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