Saxo Bank November ADV down slightly to $15 billion

Saxo Bank has today reported its monthly trading metrics for November 2014, with average daily volumes having taken a very slight downturn from $17.1 billion in October to $15 billion in November.

This reflects a general industry direction that has taken place in November, whereby the vast increments in average daily volumes and trading activity which took place in September and October this year have stabilized, with November’s volumes remaining similar to those of October.

Despite being slightly down compared with September and October, November’s figure is still significantly higher than the first nine months of 2014, thus ensuring that Saxo Bank, along with many other companies across all sectors, is experiencing a pull away from the low activity that blighted most of 2014 and the latter part of 2013.

Total trading volume for November 2014 at Saxo Bank was $299 billion, down from the vast $392 billion in October but still higher than the first eight months of 2014.

For the official announcement from Saxo Bank, click here.

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