NetStation makes debut, bringing new methodology to platform space

The platform community continues to gain ground and evolve, this time with a specific leaning toward provision to white label partners.

Available as a white label FX platform, NetStation has concluded its development period and makes its foray into the competitive platform provision segment today, combining the expertise of CFH Clearing and NetDania Markets in order to provide retail brokers with a unique and highly flexible front and back-end solution.

The modular workstation includes the popular NetDania charting, news and data packages integrated into ClearVision from CFH Clearing – an innovative suite of products which
give prime of prime customers the ability to manage interbank liquidity, risk, collateral and reporting all within one platform.

A very interesting differential between NetStation and a range of other platforms is that it has provided a per-seat pricing facility, which is often used when the platform is provided in non-trading installations, however when integrated with a broker’s infrastructure as an eFX solution, the platform will be monetized as a service provider by its partners, with NetDania having cited a year ago that there is revenue to be considered on the liquidity side, hence now it is fully operational as a brokerage platform.

During its initial stages, the per-seat pricing model had alluded to the platform being aimed at commercial and professional traders.

NetStation’s charting package includes trade-off chart functionality. Amongst other key features, NetStation also offers advanced alert services, which allow users to receive alerts set on trendlines, price levels and news – on screen or on their mobile devices. Users can tailor the workspace to their specific requirements using drag-and-drop and can also set up default analysis workspace, chart types and indicators.

Last Holst, CEO of CFH Clearing comments, “This integration proves the power and effectiveness of ClearVision and the ability for CFH Clearing to deliver a truly unique front-end trading platform. NetDania is one of the world’s leading data providers and we are delighted that they selected ClearVision as their back-end solution.

“Together, with the creation of NetStation, we are opening up a new segment in the market and giving retail traders market leading technology and data which, until now, has only been available without trading capabilities.”

Jonas Nielsen, Executive Director of NetDania Markets adds, “CFH Clearing delivers the most advanced trading system and back-end for FX. The company has a stellar reputation and CFH ClearVision is the ideal back-end match for NetStation and NetDania Mobile.

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