NetDania partners with Germany’s CeFDex to provide complete trading environment

Financial technology provider and securities trading bank CeFDex AG has entered into a partnership with Danish financial software provider NetDania. The companies have partnered up to offer online trading platforms with advanced charting capabilities to German financial institutions.

CeFDex offers bespoke electronic trading platforms to banks and brokers, and has an emphasis on market making in CFDs – a type of derivative contracts on stocks.

NetDania has taken an innovative approach to platform provision recently, one particular example having been the pricing model which NetStation had used for non-trading application, in which it was capitalized on a per-seat basis, indicating that it is positioned to appeal to professional, high-volume traders. The company considers a focus on financial charting software to be of great importance and is the provider of the highest user rated financial mobile app in the world, NetDania Forex & Stocks.

German Aktionärsbank, known for its innovative multi-asset class offering with low trading costs and transparent pricing, has recently adopted the module in its trading platform that offers private individuals access to various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, certificates, CFDs, ETFs, funds and foreign exchange trading.

S Broker, part of Sparkasse Financial Group as one of the largest financial service providers in Germany, has recently upgraded its white labeled trading platform with a NetDania charting module provided by the parties. The improved platform allows traders to trade directly from the price charts and to perform advanced technical analysis.

flatex – one of Germany’s leading online brokerage companies, introduced the new NetDania charting in June. The new NetDania charting completes the professional CFD and FX solution that flatex already offers – 12 months after its Java-based trading frontend was launched. With more than 40 indicators, extended historical data, tick charts, drawing tools, multi monitoring support, and tighter integration between analytics and trading, flatex reached another milestone on its technology roadmap.

Founder and CEO at CeFDex, Harald Patt comments: “With its excellent reputation, and sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology, NetDania is the ideal partner for CeFDex. We have high expectations of our cooperation that will add a lot of value for the product offer our Business Partners provide their retail customers. Adding NetDania know-how and technology will help us extend the CeFDex offerings even further.”

The parties expect to be able to leverage the NetDania leadership within financial mobile applications as well. Founder and CEO at NetDania, Stig Brylle comments: “NetDania has a long history within charting, but we are also the provider of the highest user rated financial apps for phones and tablets. Working with CeFDex, we hope to expand our leadership to the German and Central European markets, and to leverage their knowledge within derivatives and market making.”

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