MultiCharts partners with Algorithmic Traders Association on educational events

Multi-asset trading platform MultiCharts is partnering with the Algorithmic Traders Association (ATA) on a series of educational events that start in June this year and are set to provide traders with meaningful educational insights on trading strategies.

The educational events will be in the form of workshops, lasting for about a week each. The first workshops are scheduled for this month and the last ones from this series are set to take place in February 2016. The topics, as many may expect, concern understanding and working with trading strategies, including backtesting and various forms of analysis.

The partnership fits well with MultiCharts’ goals. The platform is know for its technical analysis capabilities, backtesting functionalities and also for recently launched real-time portfolio trading. It is attractive mostly because of its independence – it has supported brokers but traders can easily switch between various options or select more than one broker to use. As a result, a trader can also choose one or multiple data feeds which to tap. This is very useful for software developers who wish to test their indicators and/or automated trading strategies on data feeds from several brokers.

UnknownATA, based in Delaware, has been known as a trading educational services provider since 2009. It teaches traders about techniques for backtesting, optimization and proper risk management.

“The ultimate goal for CAT® Certified graduates is to discover an endless amount of new trading concepts and develop them into fully functional trading strategies.” says Dr. Alex Krishtop, ATA’s Director of Education and an acknowledged market professional drawing on over a decade experience as a proprietary trader, consultant, and asset manager to institutions and high net worth individuals.

To learn more about the partnership between MultiCharts and ATA, as well as to see the schedule of the coming events, click here.

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