OANDA opens global marketplace tools site for retail forex traders

Featuring products developed by the broker and its partners, the OANDA Marketplace provides fxTrade clients with vetted tools and services

Global FX brokerage OANDA, popular amongst retail traders, is to introduce today OANDA Marketplace – an online directory of tools, software, and products for self-directed investors to augment their trading strategies and to grow their knowledge of FX trading. If developed thoroughly, this educational and dynamic forex application market place to augment trader’s knowledge should prove to be a sticky marketing tool to new entrants into the FX market and novices alike.

The marketplace features products developed by OANDA’s engineers as well as the company’s trusted partners; the OANDA Marketplace features risk management tools, charting and technical analysis resources, mobile apps, MetaTrader 4 plugins, copy-trading Trade Leaders, browser extensions, FX trading books, and educational videos.

“For new and experienced traders, it can be cumbersome wading through all the technologies available to clearly understand what tools may truly add value to their trading strategies. The OANDA Marketplace will help our clients quickly find the tools they need from a trusted source,” said Trevor Young, Vice President, Product Management, OANDA. “The online store concept ecosystem that you see happening across all industries worldwide has proven to be successful. As we continue to expand our partner program, we believe our focused approach to providing our clients with a dedicated online store containing the tools and services needed to improve their trading strategies will prove equally successful.” More and more brokers we have seen, especially utilizing the agency model are taking it upon themselves to provide real and professional trading advice, i.e when FxPro launched their SuperTrader algorithmic trading portfolio for clients.

OANDA is also looking to ensure quality and value added advice that goes the extra mile from your typical portal information site. All of the products listed in the OANDA Marketplace are vetted to ensure they meet OANDA’s standards of excellence. While anyone can browse the Marketplace, some tools and services are specifically designed to work on OANDA’s award-winning fxTrade platform.

Starting now, developers can apply to be a partner developer for the marketplace. “The OANDA Marketplace is an important distribution channel for partners to showcase their world-class tools and services, like our Cross Connected Virtual Private Server services,” said Gordon McArthur, CEO, BeeksFX. “Building on our partnership with OANDA, the Marketplace gives BeeksFX the visibility and opportunity to offer our robust, fully managed, and low-latency services to OANDA’s clients to help them achieve their trading goals.”

[CORRECTION: We apologize for improperly characterizing FxPro SuperTrader as providing investment advice. SuperTrader is FxPro’s proprietary copy trading platform, which makes it easy to find promising strategies for clients to implement. The point is, what proprietary resource is really more helpful to traders with the goal of making money. FxPro closely vets its SuperTrader traders and their strategies, to weed out excessive leverage and excessive churn, rewarding instead strategies which show steady returns while minimizing risk. You can read more about it in our previous posts here and here.]


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