QuantConnect, Tradier Brokerage partner to boost algorithmic trading

Tradier Brokerage, Inc., the company that combines the roles of an API provider and a securities brokerage, has earlier today announced its partnership with QuantConnect, an expert in the field of developing and testing algorithmic trading strategies.

Thanks to the collaboration, QuantConnect will be integrated to Tradier’s API. That is, users of QuantConnect’s web-based algorithm trading offering will be able to connect to streaming data and to execute trades directly from the platform using the Tradier Brokerage API.

“Enabling Quant platforms have been a key part of the Tradier strategy. We are excited that QuantConnect has chosen to build on Tradier. We are humbled to be collaborating with innovative products like QuantConnect to serve the Quant community,” said Craig Russell, Chief Evangelist and SVP of Product at Tradier. “We are excited to welcome QuantConnect and its passionate user base as Tradier continues to focus on this Trader segment.”

“This integration allows anyone to develop, test and execute trading algorithms. Through our relationship with Tradier Brokerage we are able to pursue our mission to empower all investors with automated trading capabilities. With this new integration, we are executing on our vision of providing open access to algorithmic trading,” said QuantConnect CEO Jared Broad. “Tradier shares our vision of openness, and we’re excited to continue to be able to collaborate with the Tradier technology teams.”

To view the official announcement on the partnership, click here.

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