Deutsche Bank Research launches Konzept

Deutsche Bank AG announced this week that its Research house has launched Konzept, the bank’s new monthly print and online magazine aimed at clients and the wider world. This new product will convene the most interesting, provocative and important Deutsche Bank Research thoughts and views that are driving the world of economics and finance.

Deutsche Bank Research is responsible for analysis of markets, products and trading strategies for clients and stakeholders. Konzept aims to deliver fresh insights and ideas by pushing contributors to gaze beyond their core disciplines.

Innovation is one of the core values of Deutsche Bank and this new magazine from Deutsche Bank Research is one such innovation. Anshu Jain, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Bank, commented: “Konzept helps us find sustainable solutions for our stakeholders and evolve our thinking about the future. It is a new way of delivering our best ideas to clients and the wider world. The format is as accessible as the content is original. I look forward to reading Konzept regularly”.

David Folkerts-Landau, Deutsche Bank Group Chief Economist and Member of the Group Executive Committee, said: “Many of us involved in this magazine have toiled for decades in the vineyards of political economy and financial markets, experiencing what works and what does not. Sometimes it is just a gut feeling – but it can be hard to translate this experience into models with predictive power. For example we know that quadrupling the supply of money or gold, such as during the Iberian plundering of the Inca Empire, raises prices. But we do not know how long this takes. Finance and bankers are lightning rods in these debates as we intend to show in this magazine. Hence Konzept aims to stimulate but is deliberately not dogmatic”.

The inaugural print edition of the magazine was released on November 25th with copies being distributed to senior clients and stakeholders out of Deutsche Bank’s offices in Frankfurt, London, New York and Hong Kong. The online edition of Konzept magazine will be accessible on Deutsche Bank’s website.

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