MONEX Inc restructures its client services department

Japanese retail FX giant MONEX Group has announced some further senior level organizational changes, which represent the latest move in the company’s extensive restructuring program which has spanned the duration of the majority of this year.

In today’s announcement, MONEX Incorporated, whch is a wholly owned subsidiary of MONEX Group Incorporated, has reorganized the Client Services Department into two departments. These departments will be categorized as Client Services Department and Tokyo Client Services Department, and involve the following personnel changes effective January 1, 2015:

MONEX Group has made a series of changes recently, keeping pace with customer requirements as well as the dynamics within the current retail FX market, beginning in the summer with the firm conducting a ground-up reshuffle within its technology development business.

At that time, MONEX created two new departments in order to supplant the previous UX Design Department. These new departments were named MONEX Labs and the New UX Design Department.

Additionally, the System Department and Global Systems Department was restructured to create the System Development Department and System Operation and Management Department. Aside from these significant restructures within the firm’s development business, the Client Account Department was newly created by encompassing the operational aspects of the Customer Service Department, and the Accounting and Treasury division was split into two different departments, those being the Finance Department and the Accounting Department.

As well as the characteristic changes to the above departments, MONEX made some internal personnel changes at senior level during the summer, in which the company’s COO Deputy President Head of Sales Division Kiminori Kaneko became COO Deputy President.

Kiyoshi Tamura, who previously held the position of Managing Director and Senior Executive Director was assigned the new positions of Managing Director, Senior Managing Director and General Manager within the Credit Department.

Current Managing Director and Senior Executive Director Toshihiko Katsuya retained his existing title but was also made Head of Sales Division, whilst Executive Director Nobuaki Okamoto having assumed the position of Executive Director, General Manager of the Client Account Department.

Following these changes, MONEX Group ceased to offer the MetaTrader 4 platform across its entire operations, including its North American subsidiary IBFX, which now focuses its entire efforts on the proprietary TradeStation platform. For the domestic Japanese market, the MONEX FX Premium proprietary system being the platform of choice.

For the official announcement from MONEX Group, click here.

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MONEX Inc restructures its client services department


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