Mayzus sets trades with all instruments to “Close Only” mode citing Greek concerns

Cyprus-based retail FX broker Mayzus has today announced a rather radical move regarding the possible Forex market volatility related to the ongoing Greek debt negotiations.

The company is moving trades with all instruments to ‘Close Only’ mode from 22:30 GMT+3 on Friday (June 26, 2015) until 00:30 GMT+3 on Monday (June 29, 2015). Please, pay attention to the fact, that the move concerns all trading instruments and not only EUR pairs.

The broker asks traders to take into account this information when making their trading decisions.

Forex companies are attentively watching the developments of the Greek situation, with the possibility of Greece defaulting already forcing several companies, including Alpari, to axe leverage on EUR pairs. Earlier today FXCM Japan also said it will raise the maintenance margin on EUR pairs due to changes in market environment.

The official announcement by Mayzus on trading conditions changes can be read here.

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