eToro reinstates normal leverage

The social investment expert has just announced that traders can make use of their usual leverage on positions with all trading instruments.

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Greece extends capital controls to Wednesday as Tsipras clings onto euro hopes

Banks will remain closed and capital controls in place in Greece until Wednesday this week as firebrand prime minister Alexis Tsipras attempts to retain the Euro. With debt to GDP ratios high in many other EU member states, the effect of an unpaid 345 trillion euro debt to the ECB looks likely to become his legacy

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“The euro is the loser from Greece” – Guest Editorial

“Creditors can either retain their demands for a deal that does not involve debt relief (which won’t be accepted) or cede to the will of the Greek people and renege on their ‘red line’ that has been in place since the start of current negotiations” – Simon Smith, Chief Economist, FxPro

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