Alpari to restore normal trading conditions for EUR/USD and EUR/JPY

Retail Forex broker Alpari said today it will return EUR/USD and EUR/JPY to the group FX Majors on Wednesday (July 15th), as the Greek situation is turning out to be more predictable than anticipated.

The broker shifted the pairs to the FX Special group in the end of June 2015 and tightened margin requirements for them as concerns over Greece’s future were growing.

Shifting EUR/USD and EUR/JPY from FX Special to FX Majors effectively means more relaxed margin requirements. Let’s explain what “more relaxed” means. For FX Majors, the leverage can reach up to 1:1000 for positions with a notional volume of up to $3.5 million. To make a quick comparison, the leverage for pairs in FX Special can also reach 1:1000 but this applies to positions with a notional volume of up to $1 million.

In the table below you can find details about the margin requirements for FX Majors (for Standard and ECN accounts).


To view the official announcement by Alpari, click here.

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