eToro cuts leverage to 1:100 ahead of Greek referendum

Social investment company eToro has today informed its clients that it is temporarily changing trading conditions as the Greek referendum approaches and the company expects a rise in volatility.

The company said it is cutting maximum leverage on trades with ALL currency pairs to 1:100, starting from today. The restrictions are poised to be removed at some point on Monday (July 6, 2015).

In its announcement, eToro notes that the limits on leverage will apply to new positions only.

The latest update comes after earlier this week eToro implemented a maximum stop loss on all positions on the platform. This measure, which is temporary, will prevent traders from setting the stop loss at 100% of the invested amount. Instead, this level is limited at 50%.

To view the official announcement by eToro on the changes in trading conditions, click here.

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eToro cuts leverage to 1:100 ahead of Greek referendum

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