Match-Trade Technologies to provide bridging and aggregation technology to X Open Hub clients

Forex technology provider Match-Trade Technologies LLC today announces a partnership with X Open Hub (XOH), a trading name of XTB Limited.

Through the partnership arrangement, Match-Trade becomes an official partner which provides bridging and aggregation technology to XOH and its clients. During the past few months, Match-Trade has already successfully onboarded and integrated several clients for XOH.

Match-Trade and XOH share similar philosophies for an open, fair and transparent forex trading venue. In its announcement regarding the collaboration, Match-Trade also noted the XOH success in creating an open ecosystem for forex market participants, including but not limited to brokers, banks and non-banks liquidity providers, technology solution providers, software developers and others.

X Open Hub, which provides multi-asset liquidity and technology solutions, offers more than1700 instruments: FX, Indices (worldwide coverage), Commodities (agriculture, industrial and precious metals, energy and more), Equities (DMA), Stocks, ETFs, Bonds and other CFDs, to over 100 financial institutions.

Michał Copiuk CEO of X Open Hub, says,

“Nowadays banks and brokerage houses are looking into expanding the list of offered instruments to stay competitive and to win over regular FX and bullion providers. Institutional clients are willing to introduce new products using already implemented solutions. By partnership with Match-Trade, XOH offers both”.

Match-Trade provides a fast and robust matching engine technology created for all types of Forex market participants. The core of Match-Trade System is the Ultra-fast matching engine, which enables seamless execution of trades between various market participants and build additional liquidity, which was previously reserved only to standard LPs.

Key features of Match-Trade System include:

  • Execution of over 50,000 transactions per second;
  • Direct orders matching between market participants;
  • Free MT4 FIX Bridge for our institutional clients;
  • FIX API for retail clients and liquidity takers with full order book available via FIX;
  • Enhanced and Super Lite Web based Match-Trader platform.

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