X Open Hub partners with ITCS Capital

Financial Technology and Liquidity provider X Open Hub has announced its new partnership with ITCS Capital Ltd.

X Open Hub provides ITCS Capital with multi-asset trading platforms with access to more than 5,000 assets on worldwide markets. The fintech startup also receives access to synthetic equities from EU and US Markets with a fully automated system supporting corporate actions and reporting.

X Open Hub together with the ITCS Capital Ltd. team, have created a stable trading environment that meets industry standards. This is achieved through its infrastructure, servers hosted in Equinix, Digital Reality (former Interxion), and for additional security in proprietary premises.

Due to its fully open environment, fully automated trading capabilities have been integrated into the trading environment via the ZuluTrade infrastructure.

Krzysztof Wysocki, X Open Hub Broker Solution Specialist, said:

We are delighted to be working with progress-oriented brokerages such as ITCS Capital. Such initiatives are tough but extremely gratifying as a consequence. This partnership reflects our openness and friendliness to all types of business.

Wysocki added:

Together with the ITCS Capital team, we managed to deploy a true user-oriented trading environment.

Jonathan, ITCS Trade CEO, commented:

The partnership between ITCS Trade and X Open Hub has been fantastic so far. Previously, we’ve cooperated with numerous other technology partners whom have not been anywhere close to the technology and high-quality service that X Open Hub has provided for us.

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